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Birthday Party DJ Nice sound system with a fun DJ. Includes basic light show.
Company Holiday Party DJ This package includes a very nice sound system. Light show will also be included if needed.
DJ for High School Prom This package comes with a earth pounding sound system, all digital. It also includes a wild and awesome light show! This will set your school above the rest!
School Dance/ Non- Prom This package includes an awesome sound system, and basic light show, and radio edit music. The DJ is very motivated and will be very interactive with the students. The DJ will be able to take instant requests.
Wedding DJ - Dawn Alvarado Dawn has over 13 years of experience. She is a crowd favorite. She is very well spoken, and she knows her music very well. We are very lucky to have her on our team.
Wedding DJ - Jim Alvarado Jim has over 27 years of experience. He is the most sought out DJ by brides and grooms. He will meet with the bride and groom as many times as they would like, to make sure they are fully satisfied. He will wear a nice tuxedo, unless told otherwise by the bride and groom.
STEP 3 - Available Options
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Add Audio for Wedding Video Add audio for the wedding video package. We do not make the video, we show your pre-made video montage.
Extreme Light Show This package is the must have for any prom or big event. Includes state of the art high end lights such as, techno lighting, strobes, Q-Spots moving heads, mega l.e.d. light bars, high-tech mirror balls, and 36 color pin spots. All on an 17 X 25 foot truss system. It's self standing and lit up with all l.e.d. lighting!
One Video Screen Prom/Company Events Great package to enhance your prom. It includes a giant screen to show music videos, as well as a "live" shot camera to show your crowd on! This package is an add - on to original DJ package.
Rehearsal Dinner Need a DJ for you rehearsal dinner? We can provide great entertainment, which will enhance your rehearsal.
Two Video Screens For Prom This will add alot to any event. It includes two giant video screens with draped sides, live shot camera, and music videos! This package is an add - on to the original DJ package.
Video Display for Weddings Show a video of the bride and groom throughout the reception on our LCD Projection screen. We do not make the video, we show your pre-made video montage.
Wedding Ceremony System We will provide a lapel mic for the minister, along with a nice small sound system that includes pre-wedding ceremony music, as well as any music needed for your wedding.
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